Belize Travel Tips: Requirements, What To Do & More!

Belize Travel Tips

Almost sandwiched between Mexico’s and Guatemala’s outstretched borders lies Belize, an unassuming country of immense natural beauty. The nation, over six times smaller than the state of Florida, borders the Caribbean on one end, boasting a nearly 175-mile ecologically-rich coastline.

The most important Belize travel tips include choosing the right time to travel, learning more about the country’s travel restrictions and whether they apply to you, knowing how to pack a well-equipped travel bag, and planning your accommodation and itinerary in advance.

If you plan a trip here, be it a long or short one, any time soon, there are a few tips you’ll need to learn. From the travel restrictions to the best visiting time(s), things to pack, and activities to enjoy in Belize, I’ll take you through everything you need to know before your next trip to this breathtaking country.

When To Travel to Belize

Belize, unlike more famous North American regions, is moist & tropical. A cooler dry season between November to mid-April alternates with a hotter wet one from May through October.

How you envision your vacation will determine the best period to visit. Still, most tourists prefer the dry season for its cool yet sunny nature, clear skies, and access to their anticipated attractions.

Consequently, popular sites will become more congested.

For example, at the close of the year, in November/December, several tourists populate Belize for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Most travelers who don’t plan well end up compromising their accommodation on a late arrival as others have already completely booked the best hotel suites.

If you’re into outdoor activities, January to March is the best time to visit, being the driest. The climate favors beach recreation, jungle ventures, cave exploration, and sightseeing of Mayan ruins, but not without a crowd.

Since travelers’ influx is at its peak during the dry season, visiting from June through October should be a viable option – as long as you have your raincoats & boots, of course. The weather is humid, with the heaviest downpours occurring between August and October, but you can still unwind at many public locations.

Be sure to check beforehand if you can complete your itinerary, as some places won’t open during this off-season, owing to a relatively low risk of tropical rainstorms and hurricanes.

Another bright side of visiting during the rainy season is that admission fares for available fun activities are cheaper.

Moreover, the ever-vibrant La Costa Maya (Belize’s largest carnival), featuring tons of pageants, holds every August. There’s never a dull moment as you experience it first-hand in an idyllic atmosphere that embodies a fascinating love of culture with no shortage of local music and dancing.

You also don’t want to miss the breathtaking Belize Carnival held before Lent in September, which consists of non-stop colorful street performances.

Travel Restrictions/Requirements in Belize

One of the most exciting facts about visiting Belize is that you may not require a visa.

If you are a citizen of any of these countries, rest assured that you only need an international passport valid until the third week (at least) from your arrival:

  • EU states
  • CARICOM States
  • The United States
  • Canada
  • Costa Rica
  • Chile
  • Guatemala
  • Iceland
  • Mexico
  • Norway
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • Tunisia
  • Uruguay

Commonwealth countries’ citizens qualify likewise, except those of Bangladesh, Cameroon, Chad, India, Mozambique, Nauru, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and West African countries.

The time allowable to stay in Belize visa-free depends on your nationality.

Ensure to ask authorities at the embassy if unsure about your status.

COVID-19 Requirements

Like many other countries, Belize implemented strict COVID-19 requirements at the onset of the 2020 pandemic. Tourists must still obey the rules to date, so it’s essential to know them before planning your trip.

In a nutshell:

  • You must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination at international airports or land borders.
  • Travelers without proof of vaccination must take a Rapid Antigen Test two days before arriving in Belize or a PCR test four days before.
  • Passengers can also take the tests at the airport upon arrival at $50 US. Those that test negative may proceed to Immigration and customs check. In contrast, others who test positive will be placed in quarantine at their expense and depart Belize upon health clearance.
  • Children five years old and below don’t need to provide any proof of vaccination or take the tests.

Belize Travel Health Insurance

Upon arrival in Belize, you must have your Travel Health Insurance receipt at the Immigration and Customs checkpoint. If you haven’t processed yours, which is much more accessible online, you’ll likely have to wait in a queue, which can be exhausting after a long flight.

The plan costs $18, covering up to a potential $50,000 in COVID-19-related medical expenses and $2,000 for lodging expenses should a traveler test positive to the virus, hence quarantine.

Even without being enforced, travel health insurance should be a necessity for visiting Belize. You can’t foresee many unfortunate experiences that may make you terminate the vacation, like lost baggage or passport. Climatic conditions, including the increased probability of hurricanes, may also pose a hazard.

July 12, 2022 – COVID-19 Update – The Government of Belize has decided to remove all public health measures at the points of entry in Belize (land and sea). This recent adjustment to Belize’s COVID-19 Prevention Regulations is outlined in Statutory Instrument No.100 of 2022 of the PUBLIC HEALTH (REFORM) (PREVENTION OF THE SPREAD OF INFECTIOUS DISEASE) (COVID-19) REGULATIONS.

The Belize Tourism Board has announced the following about lifting/changes to the above COVID-19 restrictions:

  • Belize Travel Insurance: Purchase of the insurance is now optional for entry but encouraged for protection against incurred medical and non-medical emergency expenses.
  • Vaccination and Testing: Proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test is no longer required upon arrival and for entry into Belize at all official border points (land and sea).

Departure Tax

Since you’re most likely spending over 24 hours in Belize for your vacation, you’ll need to pay a mandatory departure tax when leaving the country by air or land borders.

For departures through the air, flight operators have already added it to flight tickets in most cases. If you’re in doubt, check or ask authorities in the airport to clear them, as you can’t leave Belize without paying this fee.

The Belize departure tax is US$17.38 (BZ$35) plus a US$0.75 (BZ$1.51) security screening fee via the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport for Belizean citizens and permanent residents.

Non-citizens and non-residents of Belize must pay US$55.50 (BZ$111.78) Belize departure tax plus US$0.75 (BZ$1.151) security screening fee in US dollars (cash).

Passengers who leave through the Mexico or Guatemala land borders must pay a US$20 (BZD$40) border crossing charge. It constitutes US$15 (BZD$30) for the border exit fee, US$3.75 (BZD$7.50) for a Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) conservation charge, and US$1.25 (BZD$2.50) for a land border development fee.

What To Pack for Belize

Various factors influence the ideal traveling bag for a vacation in Belize. How long and in which region will you stay? Where do you plan to visit? What will the weather conditions be like at that time of the year?

When you’re sure about every detail of your vacation, consider packing:


Since Belize enjoys a tropical climate, the weather is usually hot, so light clothing should be more abundant in your packing.

If you plan to take hikes or adventures in the woods, consider long-sleeves for sun protection and some pairs of sneakers. Fancy dining at a classy restaurant? Your closet should have something nice to steal the show.

However, being warm doesn’t mean there are no rainfalls in Belize, especially from August to October. So gently tuck your raincoats in your luggage. Make sure you also have thick clothes for cold nights.

Bikinis, sarongs, swimsuits, t-shirts, sunglasses, and sun hats are all recommended to relish the Caribbean tide underwater or seaside tranquility on the hot, trackless sand.


Where does your vacation plan lead you every day? Flip-flops and sandals are okay for beach activities. Covered walking shoes or casual sandals can work for jungle strolls depending on the terrain. And please prioritize waterproof ones more.

If you’re up for thrilling cave explorations, take your rubber boots, but if you’d prefer a trip in time by the Mayan ruins, travel with your athletic sneakers.

Insecticides and Repellents

Mosquito breeds are common in Belize, increasing the risk of contracting a malarial fever. However, with insecticide and mosquito repellents, you shouldn’t worry about this.

The insects are most abundant after a rainfall or in the woods for exploration, so keep that in mind when planning your vacation.

Basic Medication

Although Belize has a commendable healthcare system, preparing for any foreseen medical issue is advisable. Painkillers, motion sickness, nausea, and stomach medicine don’t weigh too much. If you’re on a prescription from your doctor, take your medications.

Frequent travelers already know the best treatments they must possess for long trips.


From your cosmetics to your shampoo, body soap to toothbrush, blades to deodorant, you shouldn’t be unprepared if you aren’t comfortable buying these in public. You can also bring hand sanitizers and sunscreen if you go out often.

Overall, bring whatever your gut tells you and leave what doesn’t seem essential behind. Not everything is readily at your disposal to buy in Belize, so you should come with most personal necessities to make your long or short stay a remarkable one.

Where To Stay in Belize

Your itinerary should determine the best place to visit in Belize. If you don’t have one, establish your most exciting activities to weigh your options on nearby lodges. You don’t want to take too many bus rides to reach various destinations, even if the country is relatively small.

For example, hotels and resorts at Ambergris Caye are prevalent because of their proximity to significant water attractions like The Barrier Reef and Blue Hole. Vacationers also build sand castles at the shores when the sun is out and enjoy its picturesque view as it dips over dusk.

You’ll love staying within The Toledo District if you’re into jungle exploration as it periodically rains throughout the year, which favors the surrounding vegetation.

The village of Hopkins, with a rich Garifuna culture atmosphere, also offers one-of-a-kind jungle experiences.

For a shorter distance to the Mayan ruins, booking your stay in one of Cayo’s elite hotels is best.

Advocates for an eco-friendly lifestyle would love the renowned ‘green’ lodges at Chaa Creek.

Thatched roofed resorts at their finest Blancaneaux Lodge will most appeal to nature lovers.

Alternatively, you can book a stay at San Ignacio Resort, which hosted Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh during their 1994 visit.

Best Things To Do in Belize

Belize may seem like an unsuitable destination for a five-star vacation at first thought, but that’s far from the case in reality. There’s much to see and do on the mainland to keep you animated throughout your stay. And its aquatic allures extend the elegance with over and underwater sites and activities.

If you’re still wondering why you should visit or what to anticipate on visiting Belize, here are a few attractions to consider:

Mayan Ruins

Mayan ruins are up there with the most captivating sights to behold, not only in Belize but throughout the continent.

Tens of these ingenious time capsules, relics of the Mayan civilization, are scattered throughout Belize’s ever-green rainforests – the most per square kilometer across Central America.

Hidden within the lush vegetation of Chiquibul Forest is 25,000 acres Caracol, a Maya site that has impressively stood the test of time.

Altun Ha houses the most oversized carved jade item discovered at Mayan ruins within the region.

And there’s no getting to Xunantunich without a hand-cranked cable ferry ride across the Mopan River, much to adventure seekers’ delights.

No matter how limited your time in Belize may be, try visiting one or two Maya archeological sites around you.


Belize’s enviable proximity to the Caribbean sea means you can relish priceless underwater views.

For enthusiasts, the Belize Barrier Reef System should be the most exciting spot, being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It plays second fiddle only to the Great Barrier Reef in size but is even more easily accessible and visible from the Cayes shores.

You will love loads of fascinating undersea creatures in the clear salt water, from cartilaginous sting rays to aquatic reptiles like sea turtles.

Caves & Caverns

The Ancient Maya people believed that Belize caves were the home of the gods and a sacred portal to a mysterious underworld. Why not confirm or refute the legends by wandering through them yourself?

One of them, Black Hole, as its name hints, is best for athletic adventurers wanting to get their hands dirty. You’ll need all the strength and skill you can get to get down and up the 300 feet “hole.”

If your adrenaline has never rushed to the thrill of cave kayaking, those of the Nohoc Chen where engravings tell stories definitely will as you ride, tracking the subtle sound of the underground waterfalls.

Tropical Jungle & Zoo

Foxes, armadillos, deer, snakes, birds, and wild cats of various species make jungle quests delightful in Belize. Her top-tier vegetation is also unbeatable helping most build a faster connection with Mother Nature.

If you’re alone or don’t feel like exploring the forest for any reason, you can visit the Belize Zoo (with a camera), some kilometers west of Belize City. Over 150 animals await you within the 12 hectares (29.7 acres) for your ever-green memories.

Final Thoughts

Belize is a gorgeous, culturally rich country with a lot to offer. However, doing your research and following a few essential travel tips throughout your experience there can help take your vacation to that next level. Therefore, make sure to read through everything mentioned in this article before you book your flight.

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