Belize at Your Fingertips began development in April 2022 with the goal to help businesses connect with their customers faster and easier than ever before.

After constantly finding it difficult to find items in Belize, I saw there was a need to better organize Belizean businesses.

For example, trusted electricians, auto repair, construction workers, and other service providers have been difficult to find without asking several people. And even then, most people didn’t have a response right away.

This alone made me frustrated and I’m sure several other Belizeans as well.

Then on the next side, after working several years in a business office, I noticed that advertisers often offer limited exposure at the cost of $1,000s!

For example, one print company will post a business’s name, address, phone number, and a short sentence description for $38 a month.

Imagine that! Paying $456 a year for a listing that the customer has to know the name of your business to look you up, doesn’t explain fully what you do, and there’s no way of knowing if your listing is even noticed.

With Belize At Your Fingerprints, Belizeans will be able search for what their looking for and then find you and fully see what you have to offer.

Belize At Your Fingertips aims to be the #1 Resource in finding anything that Belize has to offer.

Through a mixture of search engine optimization, publishing articles, and advertising; we are working hard at connecting Belizean businesses to Belizean consumers.